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What is ERP or CRM?

Technical or Functional ?

SAP or PeopleSoft??

There is a very common question from people want to get into ERP market as Consultants. So, ARCON Solutions thought we can ask one of the members to give their views on this and share with people so, it can be useful for lots of people who do not have clarity.

1. SAP or PeopleSoft or Oracle Apps are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. There are more than a dozen reputed ERP systems in the world like BAAN, JD Edwards etc. Each ERP have functional modules like HRMS( Pay Roll, Administration, Time and Labor etc), Financial ( GL, AP, AR, AM etc), SCM ( Inv, Order Management, PO etc) and PP/MM ( Manufacturing, Bill of Materials, Production Planning etc). All these involve to streamline the organizational internal processes to reduce the errors, improve the automation, increase productivity and reporting purposes.
2. All the major Software vendors like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and some others have CRM(Customer Relationship Management) which includes functional areas like - Support, HelpDesk, Sales, Marketing, Order Capture etc. These systems are deployed in any organization to interact with Customers. Customer centric approach.
3. When you want to join SAP/PeopleSoft/Oracle or some thing else, first you should decide whether you wnt to be a techical consultant or Functional Consultant.
4.If you want to be  a successful Functional Consultant, you should have an excellent idea about how the system ( Ex: Order Processing, Recruiting, Sales process etc)  works in various verticals like Telecom, Banking, Media, Manufacturing etc. You also are expected to know end-to-end functionality of the software that you are going to work with. For example- You are going to work as Functional Consultant in General Motors (GM) who is implementing SAP Financial (PO module), you are expected to know how the purchasing process works in any automobile manufacturing industry specific to General Motors and all the functionalities of SAP PO module. There are people called 'Business Analysts' in IT market where his/her role will be just to analyse the organizational processes and give the feed back to Functional Consultants of the project. Functional consultants should have an excellent communication skills!!
5. If you are willing to be Technical Consultant, you will be doing lots of software coding, modifying the pages, reports, integrating with various internal and external systems. So, any individual who would like to take the career in Technical side, need to have  a good programming skills and good understanding of database (RDBMS).
6. When you decided to get into Software, things to do are-
     a. Decide whether to be a Functional Consultant or Technical Consultant.
     b. What are the domains you want to focus - Financial or SCM or CRM or HRMS etc
     c. Analyse which SW (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sybel, JDE etc) have better  opportunities in the    market. Look at long term prospective. For example all PeopleSoft Consultants feels that there is no future for PeopleSoft Technology after the acquisition of PeopleSoft by Oracle Corp. Contrary to this- We do find lots of opportunities for JD Edwards resources even after so many years of acquisition of JDE by PeopleSoft. So this is very critical to take decision. 



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