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H1B VISA  - Information for IT Consultants

This is the time for all IT consultants start thinking about the H1B VISA. ARCON Solution would like to bring some information to the IT consultants to have some understanding on H1B eligibility, process and time lines.

  • The H1B Visa Program is the official and primary USA work visa / work permit.
  • H1B Visa enable highly skilled International Professionals and/or International Students to live and work in the USA.
  • Any individual can hold multiple H1B Visas at a time but from different employers. So, simultaneously, more than 1 H1B visa can be processed.
  • There are 4 steps in getting H1B Visa: 

          Step 1 - you must first find an H1B Job with an U.S. Employer (know as your sponsor).

          Step 2 - your Employer (sponsor) files your H1B Application with the US Government   

          Step 3 - US Government approves your H1B Application 

          Step 4 - you can start work in the USA for your new employer

  • Individuals can NOT sponsor or apply for their own H1B visa.
  • To obtain an H1B Visa, you must work in a 'specialty occupation' this includes - IT / Computer professionals, University professors and teachers, Engineers, Healthcare workers, Accountants, Financial analysts, Management consultants, Lawyers, Architects, Nurses, Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Scientists, Systems analysts, Journalists and editors, Foreign Law advisors, Psychologists, Technical publications writers, Market research analysts, Teachers in elementary or secondary schools, colleges, Eligibility of H1B Visa
  • To qualify for H1B Visa, You should have ANY of the 

              1. A bachelor's degree or higher degree (or foreign equivalent) in the specialty field, 

             2. At least 12 years progressive work experience in their specialty field, 

            3. A license to practice in the chosen occupation (if such a license is required to practice), or 

           4. A mix of further education (e.g Diploma) and work experience to total 12 years

  • We can check the status of your H1B Application by calling INS. You have to have INR Receipt number for the same.
  • Documents Required for H1B stamping: Documents required for H-1B visa stamping:
    • H1 approval petition original documents( I797 and from I129) from your H1 sponsoring employer
    • Form DS-156 (Non-immigration Visa application) -Separate form for each applicant
    • Form DS-157
    • VISA Questionnaire( Your educational qualification and Work experience, you skill set and projected you have done)
    • Application visa fee original receipt issued by HDFC bank.( If you are applying in India)
    • Copy of interview appointment letter which you get at the time of setting appointment with VFS.
    • Original H1 approval form I-797.
    • Offer letter from the company in USA.
    • Valid Passport.
    • Original Experience Certificates from all your previous employment's.
    • All other legal papers you received with your H1 documents, like from I129.
    • Two photographs 2 and 2 inches square (50 mm square) for each applicant as per the guidelines.
    • Demand draft for visa issuance Fee
    • All your Original Degree Certificates.
  • Premium Processing (costs an extra USD 1000) can expedite the VISA processing.
  • HI1B VISA can be transferred from one employer to another fow which youb need your I-94 form and few pay stubs from the company.
  • An individual can not stay more than 6 years on H1B visa. You can stay in US more than 6 years if you come again on H1B after a break of 1 year or if your green card process and your labor is pending for more then 365 days or you have applied for 485/AOS
  • Every year the law generally provides 65,000 new H1B visas but there effecively only 58,200 as 6,800 are reserved for professionals from Singapore and Chile as per their trade agreements with those countries. There are additional 20,000 new H1B Visa petitions available to foreign national students who earned graduate degree in American universities.

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